Suraj Paudyal

Suraj Paudyal was born in Kathmandu, Nepal on 4th August 1978. Suraj grew up seeing the mountains from the roof of his house growing up and was crafting adventures in his thoughts. After completing his 10th grade in Nepal, he went to South India from 1995-97 to pursue higher education. In 1998, Suraj went to the United States with an opportunity to at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando, FL for a year.  After a year at Walt Dinsey World, Suraj moved to Dallas, TX and joined Dallas County Community College and later transferred to UT Arlington, graduating with a degree in Political science in 2005. From 2005-2010, Suraj worked for CNN at the Global Headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

In 2011, Suraj left US and spent a year in Doha, Qatar where he worked for the Gulf Helicopters. He spent a year in Frankfurt, Germany and attended Aviation Management Course at University of Applied Science, Frankfurt.

In 2012, Suraj returned back to Nepal permanently. He was determined to make difference with knowledge and experience gained abroad. Suraj has been able to make an impact with his engagements as a rescue coordinator, educator and independent writer to Mountaineers and Trail Runners. On 16th May 2022, Suraj with the help of legendary Pasang Dawa Sherpa (25 times Everest Summiter), stood on the summit of Everest.

In Nepal, Suraj is well known as Helicopter Rescue Coordinator and Rescue Training Program Coordinator. He has participated in many Search and Rescue Missions, recovery Missions. Suraj actively works to coordinate rescue and has staunchly spoken against scamming tourist with unnecessary rescue evacuations by helicopters. Few middle men or agents figured out ways to take advantage of Insurance and claims with exaggerated amounts soared for few years until British Mountaineering Council Story surfaced.

Mountaineering is huge and the people who support this industry are important. All the staffs, Cooks, Porters play an important part and works as a system. However this system is weak because of poor training programs. Suraj believes that there is a need of an overhaul to standardize current system and practices in mountaineering at an institutional level. He engages in program to motivate kids through his Everest climbing Experience as well as keeping the nature clean.

Suraj on top of the world

According to Suraj:

  • There is a clear disconnection between Everest and other 8000ers, its workforce, accomplished Mountaineers and Athletes whose feats have received global praise.
  • We need to highlight the stories of some of our mountain heroes and athletes including trail runners and ultra-marathoners.
  • Visiting Everest Base Camp and other mountains should be promoted all over the world. Suraj wants to promote people, especially kids to get outdoor bound.