Three Sherpas Missing in Icefall – Updates

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Updated on April 14 2023

It seems the recovery of three Missing Sherpas are almost impossible as they are buried under thousands of tons of debris from the fallen Seracs at the site of incident below CAMP I. They were hauling ropes to fix the areas from CAMP II to summit, a project commissioned to Imagine Nepal Trek and Expedition. Mingma Gyalje Sherpa, the leader of the camp himself went to the site with a team of Sherpas and used tools to dig the area. All of the missing Sherpas 1. 32 years old Pemba Tenzing Sherpa, 2. 45 years old Lakpa Rita Sherpa and 3. Dachhiri Sherpa are from small village called Theso, just 30 minutes’ walk from Namche en route to Thame. They are presumed dead. May their family get the strength to mourn the loss and may these brave souls remain in Peace.

Updated on April 12 2023

In a tragic turn of Event on the morning of April 12, 2023, multiple sources at the Everest Base Camp confirm the news of three Sherpas falling victim to the fury of Ice Fall at the Popcorn field area. It was first learned around 9:00 am. The condition and identity of the victims are yet to be confirmed.

Simrik Air Helicopter Piltos Siddartha J. Gurung flew the area and shortly after, Pilot Surendra flew in to drop Longline Helicopter Rescue Specialist and Everest ER Clinic Coordinator Lakpa Norbu Sherpa (HRA Lakpa), Ice Fall Doctors and few other Climbers at the site of incident in an effort to initiate Search and Rescue.

Surendra said that blocks of ice as big as a single-story buildings fell down at that site and rescuers will have to dig through it. The ground will freeze further at night making the task to dig daunting.

According to Senior Icefall Doctor Ang Sarki Sherpa and Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee’s (SPCC)Tshering Tenzing Sherpa, the section of ice collapsed below the passing Sherpa returning to the base camp after ferrying expedition goods at Camp I. Simultaneously, blocks of ice fell on top of them, and victims remain buried under the debris of ice.

The routes can change frequently in Ice Fall. Rescuers are desperately digging the area in hopes to recover them but the chances to rescue them alive remains grim. Everyone is praying for their safety.

The Icefall Doctors have fixed the route in that area. Khumbu Ice Fall is a very sensitive and fragile section while climbing Everest and collapses such as these are frequent occurrence.

Climbers usually navigate the icefall at midnight to avoid the danger. Climate Change and high rate of melting cause these events on the slowly moving river of ice.

An update will follow soon.

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