Interactions with students at GNA University and Ramgarhia Institute of Engineering and Technology (RIET) in Phagwara, Punjab

I concluded my monthlong visit to Southern India in Jalandhar, Punjab. I had the honor to meet my friend Kulwin Sheehra and his family and stay at their residence. Thanks to Kulwin, Executive Director at GNA Axles, I had the privilege to give a motivational talk to students first at GNA University held the talks at GNA headquarters and one of the Axle manufacturing Plant on March 1st. What a privilege it was to be with great folks, including the Executives, Managers and Supervisors of GNA Group in their own state of the art facility. I did an hour-long presentation sharing my Everest climbing experience and related to the students that it is not the physical mountains we have to climb in our life but we face many hurdles and obstructions in our effort to do something or get somewhere. These hindrances are true mental mountains, and it is hard to overcome them. Post presentation interaction with the students was an exhilarating experience and I remain grateful to Kulwin and the GNA group for the opportunity. GNA is an industrial Disney World for someone nontechnical like me.

Kulwin welcomed me to join him for a visit to Ramgarhia Institute of Science and Technology. He is a key member of an initiative to technically empower young men and women with essential technical, mechanical and social skills. In an equipped facility, the participants are provided with various day to day use tools and get on the job training literally digging their hands in real equipment and mechanical parts. These skills are not handily available to students at all the students where theoretical topics supersede the practical aspects due of lack of equipment and lab facilities. Often young men and women are lost when they face the job world without practical application of their learnings. Those who diligently participate will no doubt put themselves in position to land a job soon after they conclude the training. In other words, Kulwin plays a charge-de-affair role and leads the team and supports them to harness the skills of the participants, making them job-ready. This approach made Germany, United States, Japan and several other developed nations a highly efficient industrial world.

During the brief visit to Ramgarhia Insitute, I had the privilege to meet the Bhogal family, including the Chairperson Mrs. Manpreet Kaur and Dr. Vyoma Bhogal Dhatt, Director RIET as well as the Principal, Dr. Naveen Dhillon and senior Faculty Members. I was humbled by their grace and a warm welcome. It was then and there I was honored and given the opportunity to share the experience to students the next day. I obliged. I went back to RIET and shared my Experience of Climbing Everest and the struggles faced during the process. I told the students that life is like climbing Everest every step of the way and the only way to reach there is by following the process step by step. Just like it was for me “one step at a time and one breath at a time”. It was a wonderful session with the students, and I look forward to similar interactions, in which I too learn and benefit enormously.

I received enormous support and kindness from GNA group for the Everest Expedition. I remain grateful to my friend and a great human Kulwin for allocating his time to take me around and the opportunity to have wonderful interactions with students and professionals. My Respect and regards to the founder of GNA through hard work had established an industrial pillar GNA in the heart of Punjab employing more than 3500 hardworking men and women locally and Nepal. If there is one place I want to live in India, there no doubt in my mind that the place would be Jalandhar in the great state of Punjab.

Before I left for Nepal, I got to visit Golden Temple in Amritsar and witnessed the grandeur of this sacred place. The enormity of the inner sanctum and the blissful feeling is beyond words and visitors like me simply leave in awe. Everyone should experience the grace of being at the Golden temple in their lifetime.

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