Rescue Specialist Chhiring Dhenduk Bhote

Capt. Jason with the Engineer
Capt. Jason with the Engineer
Jason briefing Capt. Siddartha, Surendra and Rescue Technician

Chhiring D. Bhote is a full time Rescue Techniciant with Simrik Air Pvt. Ltd. He grew up in the shadows of Mt. Makalu (5th Highest peak in the world) in a small village called Hatiya and grew up struggling at early age. He endured hardship working as a daily wage earner to support his family before working with trekking/ climbing companies. He has also summited Everest. Chhiring D. Bhote along with many pilots have saved numerous lives in the mountains through Lon Line Rescue Intervention. Chhiring received his training  at Air Zermatt in coordination with SARON and ARF.

Among his rescues and recovery missions, the ones listed below are some of the notable and very high altitude mission worthy of global recognition:

On April 3rd 2014, Jason with Rescue Specialist Chhiring D. Bhote successfully rescued an Austrian climber alive from Mt. Amadablam at the altitude of 20,500 ft. A small delay would have cost his life in the beautiful but unforgiving Himalayas.

Chhring Dhenduk Bhote

On 18th April 2014, a huge avalanche in the Khumbu Icefall came down killing many Sherpas and leaving numerous injured victims who were preparing the route for the Western climbers with various expeditions on Everest. Jason’s contribution was instrumental in the aftermath of the tragic Everest Avalanche. Teamed up with Capt, Siddartha J Gurung, Rescue Specialists Chhiring Dhenduk Bhote and Chhriring Pandey Bhote along with Mr. Ang Tashi Sherpa and technical crew of Simrik Air, Jason conducted numerous flights on 18th and 19th April landing in the technically challenging and delicate icefall fields bringing injured to safety and recovering those who died in the tragic accident. (Picture on top right)

On April 21st 2014, Jason with Rescue Specialist Tshering Pandey Bhote and Chhiring Dhenduk Bhote successfully brought two Russian Climbers from North side of Mt. Annapurna I near Camp 3. The climbers faced lack of manpower and equipment support and could not climb above or get down in the technically challenging terrain. They were rescued utilizing the long lines.  

On 22nd April 2014, Jason along with Rescue Specialist Chhiring D. Bhote flew a successfull long line rescue mission bringing Ms. Baucaud Marie Charlotte with two legs fractured, from Westcole near Baruntse base camp at altitude of 17300ft. This was done under the supervision of Capt. Siddarhta J Gurung. Capt. Bibek was supporting the mission as well with a Backup Helicopter.

Long line mission with Human Cargo Sling
Injured patient being carried to the helicopter

On April 23rd 2014, Rescue Specialist Tshering Pandey Bhote with Captain Jason Andrew Laing successfully saved an American Climber in Mt. Himlung. He had fallen in the crevasse at 20,000 ft. Jason was able to land beside his tent and pick him up from the difficult terrain.

On April 30th 2014, Rescue Specialist Chhiring D. Bhote accomplished a difficult rescue above 19000 ft. in Mt. Amadablam recovering the body of two Russian Climbers. Unfortunately, they had died the day before and retrieving the bodies at that altitude would have been extremely challenging without the long lines. Capt. Jason was flying the aircraft.

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