Suraj on Everest Summit 8848.86 m

Suraj on Everest Summit

Suraj stood on top of the world on May 16 2022
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Suraj with Dr. Anup And Harshada

Suraj with Dr. Anup and Dr. Harshada in Mumbai


Suraj on Lobuche Peak

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Rescue Mission - Getting Ready

Rescue Mission – Getting Ready

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Suraj at Ramgarhia Institute

Suraj gives a talk on Everest Experience to the College Students at Ramgarhia Institute of Technology


At GNA Axles


With Arsh at Pangboche


After a Session on Rescue in Nepal at EBC


Hosting a Panel Discussion


Panel Discussion on Patient Safety During Transportation

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With Dr. Ram Kumar Shrestha at 8848.86m

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With Legendary PADAWA-26 Times EVEREST Summiter

Suraj Tintin and Sachin Resized

Meeting Sachin Tendulkar

Suraj Paudyal

Suraj in a Rescue Mission

“climb high but always set your feet on ground”

Suraj Paudyal – Everest SummiteEr and Mentor

Born and raised in Nepal, Suraj Paudyal is a Kathmandu native. Suraj pursued higher education in India and United States. Suraj holds Bachelors Degree in Political Science from University of Texas at Arlington. Suraj has worked for Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom and CNN in the US. After 12 years in the US, Suraj went to Qatar and worked for the Gulf Helicopters. After a year in the Middle East, Suraj returned back to Nepal. 

Suraj is an active Helicopter Rescue Coordinator and educator. Suraj also owns and operates an adventure company Tintin and Sherpa Adventure Trekking in Nepal. He fearlessly raised the issues of scamming tourist insurance in the mountains by agents who did not hesitate to make fake claims on helicopter rescues and hospital treatments despite backlash and threats. Suraj is very active in mentoring the local Mountain and Trekking Guides, school kids and college students. 

Suraj, together with Pasang Dawa Sherpa and Dr. Ram Kumar Shrestha summited Everest on May 16 2022. He loves to share his Everest Experience to motivate young folks to get outdoor bound, keep the nature clean and revive your inner self through outdoor activities. He is available to speak in Academic and Corporate Events upon request.

Suraj is one of the Founding Members of Karuna Pragya Foundation and supports Dr. Ram Kumar Shrestha to Establish a Cath Lab, a work in Progress. Suraj works with Ujjwal Bikram Thapa for the treatment of burn, acid attack and rape victims in Nepal. 


Suraj’s Podcast


My Portfolio

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My Videos

These are collections of Youtube videos of rescue missions as well as filming project I was involved with

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Suraj is a professional Helicopter Rescue Coordinator, Educator and Mentor. He has participated in Numerous Search and Rescue, Recovery Missions in the Mountains. Suraj also helped to develop Helicopter Medical Evacuation System for HAMS, MEDICITI and KARUNA HOSPITALS  Suraj is a member of Non Profit Karuna Pragya Foundation. This foundation supports treatment of Mountaineers and their family, The foundation is raising funds for an affordable Cath Lab for everyone in Nepal. 

On April 25, 2015, Suraj survived the earthquake in Langtang region and rescued Dr. Harshada. In the tragic event, another doctor Vipul succumbed to his injuries. Suraj is an outdoorsman and loves to be in the nature. Hiking and traveling are important elements of life for Suraj. He encourages others to get out in the nature and keep it clean.  In future, Suraj plans to write storybook produce video documentary for the children about the legendary climbers of Nepal. 

Suraj was involved in the filming of Movie EVEREST, Discovery Documentary EVEREST RESCUE and short Documentary by Journeyman Pictures CLEAN MOUNTAINS.


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“ I was lucky and mostly blessed to have met Suraj and his team right in my first trip to Nepal. If you want to explore and discover Nepal in a safe , friendly and most honest way… Suraj is definitely your guy. His long experience in rescue and with all Hymalayun pioneers (including himself) made his company a safe base for a trip to beautiful Nepal!. I highly recommend 6 stars”
Flavio De Grandis – Brazilian living in Gold Coast AustraliaFlavio De Grandis Brazilian living in Gold Coast Australia


We had an absolutely amazing time in the Himalayas and it would not have been possible without Suraj’s help. We were there to have a trip of a life time but needed someone trustworthy to partner with. Suraj having lived in the US for many years was a natural fit.
Returning safely and in 1 piece to our kids was non-negotiable. Suraj was proactively looking out for us helping prevent altitude sickness. We even got a mid trip health checkup in Dingboche just to be sure.
We did not want to stick to a rigid itinerary and wanted to be flexible in our travel plans. On day 10 of our trip we were exhausted and needed a extra rest day to recover and recuperate. Suraj was able to accommodate our change request and make necessary logistical changes instantly.
Suraj assembled an incredible team – Pasang Dawa Sherpa (Everest 26 times), Tenzing Dorjee Sherpa (Guiness Book of World Record holder Everest 13 times), Pema Temba Sherpa (Everest, K2) to help us climb Lobuche East. Summiting Lobuche with was an indescribable experience.
On day 15 one of our friends developed a serious case of the Khumbu cough and needed to be evacuated out of Gokyo. Suraj was quickly able to arrange for a rescue chopper at a reasonable price.
We did not want to be nickeled and dimmed but also did not want to be taken advantage of. Suraj was up front about the expenses and there were no hidden fees/surprises later. It was a priceless trip for a fair price.
I couldnt recommend Suraj enough for your next Himalayan Adventure.Rabi GautamAspiring Mountaineer Dallas,TX


Feel free to reach me!


Kathmandu, Nepal